Wednesday, April 9, 2014

extra cheese

My reminder to not take wedding planning too seriously

I promised myself I would do the social media world a favor and not get too sappy about the recent events of my life but I have decided to open the flood gates here, mostly because my fiance and his mom (I didn't forget you Hannah!) are the only ones that read this blog. 

Two summers ago while I was on my way to work I told God, "I don't know if you're into taking requests but Nick Candido is all I'm saying." And about a month ago that very same person payed me the biggest compliment I've ever received and asked me to marry him. It was the most surreal day of my life. Surreal is really the best way to describe the past month. 

Nick is my favorite answered prayer and my favorite reminder that we serve a God that delights in giving His children gifts just because. And now...I'm going to marry him.

As far as wedding planning goes, a lot is up in the air right now. I bet you're probably not wondering if I'll be posting wedding inspiration and ideas up here. Ummm do you know me at all? Duhh. 

I'll sign off this post with a (very deep) quote about marriage...

"He liked it so he put a ring on it." -Beyonce

and so it goes

Can't get enough of this one

Naturally, second semester senior year I finally take a class I don't want to skip and do want to do the homework for. Graphic design, I've fallen hard for you. But then again haven't we all? Is it just me or is everyone a freelance graphic designer these days? Anyways, if I was a sophomore I would be running to my advising office to change my major but such is life. These are a few style sheets I've created for fake businesses in my class and I must say I dig them. The colors just don't seem to translate  though so use your imagination to turn the opacity down by about 30% on all the color palettes. 

Second semester senior year isn't a joke; when it rains it pours. May 10th where you at?!?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

worth writing home about

I don't write about beauty products on here much because pretty much everything I use I picked up at Walgreens in two minutes on my way home. And if I'm being honest, most beauty products I've found to be basically the same. In high school I would see a Loreal commercial featuring air whipped blush or some new mascara with fancy technology and practically run to Target in hopes of it being THE product that made me look like Blake Lively. No hope friends. Blush is blush and mascara is mascara. Occasionally there are exceptions though and when there are I write about them. People helping people, ya dig? Here are three products worth writing about.

Baby Lips- Maybelline
Trust me, I wouldn't write about a product called Baby Lips unless I really believed in it. When it comes to tinted lip balms you usually either sacrifice on color or moisture. This brings both to the table equally and it rocks! It makes my lips feel great and gives me dare I lipsThat's actually kind of creepy. 

Natural Glow, Three Days to Glow-Jergens

It's always around this time of year that my skin turns so dreadfully white I simply can't take it anymore. In an attempt to look sun kissed I've been known to take matters into my own hands and usually come out with Snooki like results. What I love about this is it works quickly (much quicker than the normal Natural Glow) but is not as streaky, blotchy, and shimmery as other products. The lotion like formula makes it easy to apply and ensures your hands don't end up looking like you just got done eating cheetos. I applied one night about 30 minutes before bed and the next day saw results immediately and even decided to hold off for a few days before I used it again. 

Photo ready Skinlights- Revlon

You know that lit from within look? This is it but in a bottle. I apply it under my eyes and along the bridge of my nose and cupids bow for a sort of wanna be Kim Kardashian kind of glow. There, I said it. I wanna glow like Kim Kardashian. Ok, moving on.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

not above it

One of my dearest friends Kellie recently told me, "This is my new thing this year; I'm not above it." Not that you needed a reminder but I'm certainly not above a good knock off, especially if it's imitating Jenni Kayne flats. 

Jenni Kayne- $595

Madewell- $108

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I've been on the hunt for a good cheetah jacket for a while now. It felt weird typing that sentence...Never did I think I would be "on the hunt for a good cheetah jacket." There's just something about them though. When worn with ripped skinnies and leather booties it's rock and rock. When paired with a black shift and tights it's Edie Sedgwick (and you know I love that). It goes so many different ways it's almost (dare I say) a neautral. And since it seems that in my part of the world winter may never end, I jumped at ordering the perfect cheetah coat I stumbled upon online for 45% off. Score. Now, I'm not one for outfit posts but you better believe when this bad boy shows up on my door step I'll be taking it out for an America's Next Top Model moment and posting the pictures to here. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

french made

Calling all prayer warriors. First French test of the semester is on Monday-you know what to do.

Vogue Australia February 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Black Apple

Last night I found myself browsing in a store called The Mustache. You can probably guess just from the name what kind of store this is-filled with overpriced hipster knick knacks and Zooey Deschanel approved dresses. It's the kind of store where you find yourself holding up a pacifier with a mustache on it while trying to convince your friends that this $30 pacifier is the missing puzzle piece in your life even though you know it's absurd and don't even have a kid! Yeah, it's that kind of store. And they suck me in every time. Anyways, I saw the most beautiful print propped up on a type writer (so typical) right as I was about to walk out and was once again sucked back into the hipster vortex.

It was charming yet moody and whimsical all at once. Just my vibe. It also reminded me a little of Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Company's work which as a girl I obviously love. 

I wrote down the artists information and cyberspace stalked her later that night. 

Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple hails from Portland, Oregon (again, so typical) where she makes art and writes and illustrates children's books. I know, children's books. Could she be more perfect or adorable?! Her website says she's inspired by fairy tales, carnivals, and vintage children's clothing which is definitely reflected in her work. I'm absolutely smitten with everything she touches and am already thinking about which prints I'll ask for for my birthday. Check out her etsy and website!